Friday, May 29, 2009

First day in INTEC SHAH ALAM...

Assalamualaikum.. This is my first time ever to blog.If not because of Miss Siti Hasnaa,my lovely english lecturer, :) , I would never create my own blog.hehe..

Hurm... about my first day here,actually my feeling as I reached INTEC are kind of weird. The feeling of happy,excited,sad,and all kind of feelings are mixed up like the penang 'rojak'. I arrived in INTEC Shah Alam in Seksyen 18 quite late because before that I went to the INTEC in Seksyen 17.hehe.. No wonder I am pretty confused as I reached the INTEC in Seksyen 17 because the place is not busy at all,unlike other place during registaration day.I am very happy because I thought I am the first person to arrive there eventhough it is already 10 o'clock in the morning.hehe.. :p My happy feeling suddenly goes down abruptly when the guard at the guard house told me that the registration place is in INTEC in Seksyen 18...hahaha..

I step my foot for the first time ever in INTEC Shah Alam Seksyen 18 exactly at 11 o'clock in the morning.After I finished myself registering,I went to my room; NO. 315,LAMAN 4 BLOK 1, CEMARA.My room is quite large ( and dirty also.. huhu).My roommates are all from the East Coast.Pity me because I am a Penangian. huhu..

At exactly 2 o'clock in the evening, all the new students are required to assemble in the Cemara Hall to listen to a welcoming speech by the fasilitators which will be handling our first three days in this new place.After we finished hearing about this and that,we are allowed to go back to our own room and have the chance to relax our body and soul till the next day...

Finish about the story of my first day in INTEC.. insyallah,I will be posting about my experiences during the MMS in the next post.. so.. assalamualaikum everyone.... :) bye~

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