Friday, June 5, 2009

Hye again~ assalamualaikum..

My 2nd post.. Actually,I wasnt thinking of blogging today but the college is so dull........... Most of my friends went back to their home and some of them even go to Times Square in KL to enjoy.Pity me because the money in my wallet is just enough for me to eat during this whole week.. hm... :(

By the way, Ive promised to write about my experience during the MMS and this is it.. :) hurm.. actually I forgot what had we done during the MMS week but I will try and remember everything that I can. I will try and sum up all of my activities during the MMS. To conclude it all,the activities are interesting and fun.. There is one activity which I remember the most which is the so called 'Explorace' in INTEC Seksyen 17.Although the activity is quite tiring as it involves a lot of running,here and there, but it realises me how much effort had been put by the fasilitators to make the activity so interesting.Thank you so much to all the fasiltators.... :)

My posts are getting boring right??I thought so too..and I think that is all about my experiences during my first week in INTEC.. Now,I want to get back to the real life... :)

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  1. live by your means....that's a good practice, amir.

    ps: expressive to make it sound less boring. give it a shot.