Sunday, June 14, 2009

Not in the mooodddd...

Assalamualaikum again..

The 4th post.Actually,right now,I am now writing this post in the computer in the library because I dont have class until 2 p.m.I just dont know why I am feeling so dull today.Maybe a lot of problems had got into me for the past few days.But at last,I realised that LIFE IS UNFAIR but ALLAH is...

Enough with that.Right now,I would like to write about my experience during the role play presentation during Miss Hasnaa class.She actually pointed our partners for the presentation and for me, I get to do the role play with Atikah.At that time when she paired me with Atikah,Im shocked because I had never done a task with a girl before.Meaning one-on-one,face-to-face with girls before. But, I tried to stay cool and be a gentleman.We discuss about our role paly and Im surprised because Atikah is not really like who I think.She is not so talkative in the class but as we discuss,shes the one who talks much.. huhu.. But not as much as me.. :o) . After a lot of ideas, we came up with an idea to do the role play on the title 'Tapeworm'.Actually, Im supposed to be the doctor but we decided to switch our role to feel more comfortable during our role play.. So,be it.. shes the doctor and Im the patient...

Thursday,the day for the role play.Me and Atikah are the 3rd pair to do the role play.We actually volunteered ourselves to do it earlier so that we can see (and laugh) at the other pair.. hahaha.. :oD .Alhamdulillah,we finished our role play when Miss Hasnna suddenly stopped it by saying.. 'yes...thank you...' as I was to say the most interesting part of the role play..huhu.. But thats ok.. At least we had an experience on how to do the role play because we (our class) will be having our final role play;which means it is included in the marks, at the end of this July.Thank you so much Miss Hasnaa for letting us feeling the experience of acting.. hehe.. :o)

To put it laconically,I can see that everything happens for a reason and theres a reason why Miss Hasnaa assigned us to do the presentation and the role play...Again,thank you Miss Hasnaa.. :o)

I think that is all for today.. See you later in the next post,Insyallah...
Assalamualaikum........ :0)

Ist assignment.. english presentation!!

Hey..hey.. and hey!! assalamualaikum again.. :)

Thank you so much Miss Hasnaa for commenting my previous post.. It is not finished actually.. hehe :p sorry..But my principle is; Let bygone be bygone...... :)

This time,I mean this post, I will talk about my first ever presentation in INTEC!! WOW!! hehe.. :p Actually it is the english presentation and we were divided into groups by our very own lovely lecturer Miss Hasnaa.. hehe :) .Then, we were given task and my groups are assigned to do on the topic ' Indian Medical Belief'.The most interesting part is my group members. They are BUNNY,PAAN,IKRAM,HANI,FATHIYAH,FATIN and me..Without realising it, the assignment actually had made us become more comfortable with each other and we became more close.. Thank you Miss Hasnaa.. :)

Friday and Sunday,the day we get together and prepare our slides.A lot of effort had been put actually and until now I still dont undersatnd why the class laughed at me when I say that particular sentence.. huhu.. Enough with that.Tuesday,PRESENTATION DAY!!!!!! Most of my group members are scared but Im just cool as I am.. hehe :p After a lot of bla,bla and bla, we finished our presentation... Fuh!! What a relief man!! hehe.. After the presentation,Miss Hasnaa commented on our presentation and alhamdulillah,all the comments are positive... :)

That is all from me for this week.. See you later.. Bye~ Assalamualaikum....... :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Hye again~ assalamualaikum..

My 2nd post.. Actually,I wasnt thinking of blogging today but the college is so dull........... Most of my friends went back to their home and some of them even go to Times Square in KL to enjoy.Pity me because the money in my wallet is just enough for me to eat during this whole week.. hm... :(

By the way, Ive promised to write about my experience during the MMS and this is it.. :) hurm.. actually I forgot what had we done during the MMS week but I will try and remember everything that I can. I will try and sum up all of my activities during the MMS. To conclude it all,the activities are interesting and fun.. There is one activity which I remember the most which is the so called 'Explorace' in INTEC Seksyen 17.Although the activity is quite tiring as it involves a lot of running,here and there, but it realises me how much effort had been put by the fasilitators to make the activity so interesting.Thank you so much to all the fasiltators.... :)

My posts are getting boring right??I thought so too..and I think that is all about my experiences during my first week in INTEC.. Now,I want to get back to the real life... :)

Friday, May 29, 2009

First day in INTEC SHAH ALAM...

Assalamualaikum.. This is my first time ever to blog.If not because of Miss Siti Hasnaa,my lovely english lecturer, :) , I would never create my own blog.hehe..

Hurm... about my first day here,actually my feeling as I reached INTEC are kind of weird. The feeling of happy,excited,sad,and all kind of feelings are mixed up like the penang 'rojak'. I arrived in INTEC Shah Alam in Seksyen 18 quite late because before that I went to the INTEC in Seksyen 17.hehe.. No wonder I am pretty confused as I reached the INTEC in Seksyen 17 because the place is not busy at all,unlike other place during registaration day.I am very happy because I thought I am the first person to arrive there eventhough it is already 10 o'clock in the morning.hehe.. :p My happy feeling suddenly goes down abruptly when the guard at the guard house told me that the registration place is in INTEC in Seksyen 18...hahaha..

I step my foot for the first time ever in INTEC Shah Alam Seksyen 18 exactly at 11 o'clock in the morning.After I finished myself registering,I went to my room; NO. 315,LAMAN 4 BLOK 1, CEMARA.My room is quite large ( and dirty also.. huhu).My roommates are all from the East Coast.Pity me because I am a Penangian. huhu..

At exactly 2 o'clock in the evening, all the new students are required to assemble in the Cemara Hall to listen to a welcoming speech by the fasilitators which will be handling our first three days in this new place.After we finished hearing about this and that,we are allowed to go back to our own room and have the chance to relax our body and soul till the next day...

Finish about the story of my first day in INTEC.. insyallah,I will be posting about my experiences during the MMS in the next post.. so.. assalamualaikum everyone.... :) bye~