Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ist assignment.. english presentation!!

Hey..hey.. and hey!! assalamualaikum again.. :)

Thank you so much Miss Hasnaa for commenting my previous post.. It is not finished actually.. hehe :p sorry..But my principle is; Let bygone be bygone...... :)

This time,I mean this post, I will talk about my first ever presentation in INTEC!! WOW!! hehe.. :p Actually it is the english presentation and we were divided into groups by our very own lovely lecturer Miss Hasnaa.. hehe :) .Then, we were given task and my groups are assigned to do on the topic ' Indian Medical Belief'.The most interesting part is my group members. They are BUNNY,PAAN,IKRAM,HANI,FATHIYAH,FATIN and me..Without realising it, the assignment actually had made us become more comfortable with each other and we became more close.. Thank you Miss Hasnaa.. :)

Friday and Sunday,the day we get together and prepare our slides.A lot of effort had been put actually and until now I still dont undersatnd why the class laughed at me when I say that particular sentence.. huhu.. Enough with that.Tuesday,PRESENTATION DAY!!!!!! Most of my group members are scared but Im just cool as I am.. hehe :p After a lot of bla,bla and bla, we finished our presentation... Fuh!! What a relief man!! hehe.. After the presentation,Miss Hasnaa commented on our presentation and alhamdulillah,all the comments are positive... :)

That is all from me for this week.. See you later.. Bye~ Assalamualaikum....... :)

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  1. Stay cool and calm....but at the same time make sure you perform well.... good luck