Sunday, June 14, 2009

Not in the mooodddd...

Assalamualaikum again..

The 4th post.Actually,right now,I am now writing this post in the computer in the library because I dont have class until 2 p.m.I just dont know why I am feeling so dull today.Maybe a lot of problems had got into me for the past few days.But at last,I realised that LIFE IS UNFAIR but ALLAH is...

Enough with that.Right now,I would like to write about my experience during the role play presentation during Miss Hasnaa class.She actually pointed our partners for the presentation and for me, I get to do the role play with Atikah.At that time when she paired me with Atikah,Im shocked because I had never done a task with a girl before.Meaning one-on-one,face-to-face with girls before. But, I tried to stay cool and be a gentleman.We discuss about our role paly and Im surprised because Atikah is not really like who I think.She is not so talkative in the class but as we discuss,shes the one who talks much.. huhu.. But not as much as me.. :o) . After a lot of ideas, we came up with an idea to do the role play on the title 'Tapeworm'.Actually, Im supposed to be the doctor but we decided to switch our role to feel more comfortable during our role play.. So,be it.. shes the doctor and Im the patient...

Thursday,the day for the role play.Me and Atikah are the 3rd pair to do the role play.We actually volunteered ourselves to do it earlier so that we can see (and laugh) at the other pair.. hahaha.. :oD .Alhamdulillah,we finished our role play when Miss Hasnna suddenly stopped it by saying.. 'yes...thank you...' as I was to say the most interesting part of the role play..huhu.. But thats ok.. At least we had an experience on how to do the role play because we (our class) will be having our final role play;which means it is included in the marks, at the end of this July.Thank you so much Miss Hasnaa for letting us feeling the experience of acting.. hehe.. :o)

To put it laconically,I can see that everything happens for a reason and theres a reason why Miss Hasnaa assigned us to do the presentation and the role play...Again,thank you Miss Hasnaa.. :o)

I think that is all for today.. See you later in the next post,Insyallah...
Assalamualaikum........ :0)


  1. there's a first time for everything...make full use of the opportunity given to you.

    ps: you're most welcome.

  2. uit...wrong spelled my name lo...
    erm kutok aku ehh...huhu
    neway dun judge a magazine by its cover...

  3. collecting statement..huhu
    i see..
    well..nice post bro..